We work from your goals and challenges. Jamezz must be an extension of your company and fully fit within the concept to which you have devoted so much time and attention.
That is why we would like to discuss with you which deployment of Jamezz fits best, so that we really achieve what you had in mind, or even better. Because Jamezz becomes part of you, we ensure that you can also work completely independently.


Not only do we achieve this by developing reliable and simple software , but we also achieve this by properly training and supporting you.

Even if you have been on the road for a while, you will always be able to contact us and we will keep you informed of all new developments..




1. Get in touch


Let us know that you are interested. Then we will answer your question as soon as possible or call you back. 


No worries, this can also be just as purely informative, without being immediately buried under smooth sales talk..

2. Get connected


As soon as we have tailored a suitable solution for your organization, we will ensure that all technical matters are arranged.


We link your cash register, we ensure that you are connected to a payment provider if necessary, and we ensure, for example, that the QR signs are arranged.


With a little input from you, we will arrange the rest.

3. Get going!


With a short online training of about an hour, we ensure that you fully understand how everything works. With that you are immediately ready to go. Upload cool photos, make effective upsell suggestions and keep those first orders coming in.


Of course we really don't throw you in the deep end and we are always there for you. 



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