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Why make things difficult when it can be done together? At Jamezz we strongly believe that joining forces is the best way to grow and achieve your goals. That is why we are always open to new collaborations.

All over the world we have partners who help us to further put Jamezz on the map, of course in exchange for an appropriate reward or service in return. For us, the building blocks of good cooperation are trust, openness and sharing success.


Do you share this vision and do you want to grow with us, for example by becoming a Jamezz partner? Then simply sign up for this. Do you see other possibilities for how we can strengthen each other? Let us know!



1. Get in touch

Let us know that you also like to pop with. Then we will contact you quickly and discuss the possibilities and how we could strengthen each other.


2. Get connected

We attach great value to our partners. For a good cooperation it is very important to us that everyone points in the same direction and that we both propagate the same thing.

For this we ensure that we neatly finish all lists and lay a good foundation to be able to join forces for a long time. We ensure that you have all the materials and knowledge in house to make the collaboration a great success.

3. Get going!

As a partner you get a lot of support from our team. We therefore ensure that you are well trained and can ultimately connect customers completely independently and provide them with support.


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