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"QR ordering, digital upselling and online checkout."  

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Qr ordering - hospitality industry


Staff shortages in the hospitality industry are a big problem. Or to put it another way: coping with fluctuating crowds is a big problem. Terraces are allowed to open (to a limited extent) again, but who will serve the guests? Often the first thought is the staff. In contrast, that is not always the solution. The figures in the article from Entree Magazine say it all. Since the crisis, almost 2,700 new hospitality businesses have opened. This brings the total number of businesses in the Netherlands to over 74,000. As for the number of employees, Ricardo Eshuis, director of Stichting Vakbekwaamheid Horeca (SVH), says: "Before the crisis, 460,000 people were working in the hotel and catering industry. That was already too few. Now that number has fallen sharply to 350,000." According to hospitality trend watcher Wouter Verkerk, finding personnel will only become more difficult in the future, and digitization is the solution. QR ordering is now the alternative to serving on the terrace.


QR ordering is the solution to solving staff shortages. Compare it to a digital butler who is immediately at the table everywhere. No waiting time; order online and pay immediately. It is time for a new guest experience. According to hospitality trend watcher Wouter Verkerk, we are ready for it. It is a development that COVID-19 has accelerated. Don't get left behind and innovate in time. Read everything you need to know to get started in no time.


QR ordering


1. How do i get the qr software?

Choose a partner you trust. We believe that we can make people's lives more fun and easier with our passion for technology. Our software is reliable, flexible, self-managing, and fully customizable to your house style. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. Once we have agreed on a suitable solution, we will take care of all the technical issues. We connect your cash register, make sure you are connected to a payment provider if necessary and arrange QR signs. With a short online training of one hour, we make sure you know exactly how everything works. Upload appealing photos in the back office, make effective upsell suggestions, and let the QR code do its work. 


2. what does it cost to use qr ordering?

At Jamezz, you can choose between a yearly or monthly subscription. With an annual subscription, you pay €100 per month, and with a monthly subscription €130 per month. This is excluding one-time start-up costs. Are you interested, or do you want to know more? Feel free to contact us or read more about becoming a customer here.

QR ordering



  • With an online butler such as Jamezz, you relieve employees of time-consuming tasks such as taking orders, upselling, and checkout. Results show that on average, 98% of guests order via a QR code whenever possible. The remaining 2% do not have a smartphone with them at that moment.
  • By replacing time-consuming tasks of your staff with digitalization, you have fewer major occupancy problems. Staff costs are reduced by up to 65%, while service has improved at the same time.
  • Better service for your guests means greater customer satisfaction. We have seen a rapid increase in this among our customers since QR ordering. And more customer satisfaction means more customers.
  • Last but not least: more customers means more sales. We see sales increases of up to 30% after the introduction of QR ordering. This is not surprising given the upsell and cross-sell features.



Free advice, a partner in digitalization in the hospitality industry and long-term cooperation. Jamezz is always up to date with the latest developments. We continuously anticipate the changing needs of the market, and this is reflected in our products and services. We think along with the entrepreneur by taking the burden off him or her.

QR ordering is an indispensable solution to staff shortages on the terrace. Get the most out of today and be prepared for the future! Check out our FAQ for more questions and answers, or contact us for a free consultation. 

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