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Why QR ordering is having such a positive effect on the hospitality industry in Scotland


Efficient work, highly satisfied guests and zero-cost marketing


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QR ordering and the hospitality industry in Scotland


QR ordering is very popular in Scotland, among other places. The country is full of beer gardens and if we are to believe the owners, QR ordering has become an indispensable tool. Or... In other words: a valuable digital butler and colleague. But where does this prove to be? Which components do the entrepreneurs see changing and to what extent?


QR ordering works more efficiently

By using QR self-ordering, staff no longer need to take orders, but only to deliver them. The personal contact remains, but is shared with the digital butler. This works very efficiently and Manager Brian Dobie of The Pear Tree in Edinburgh sees this reflected in his business:

"Before, people could stand in line for up to 25 minutes to wait for their order. Now it is no more than 5 minutes. This means that the throughput has increased fivefold."


Very satisfied guests


Working more efficiently is great for the entrepreneur and the staff, but it also has an effect on the guest. We hear from many entrepreneurs that QR self ordering is not just a temporary COVID-19 solution anymore, but an important solution for:

• the long queues for a to-go bar;
• the waiting times of guests before someone comes to the table;
• but also for the communication to the guests.

QR ordering Scotland in Beergardens

Manager John Trial from Teuchters Landing in Edinburgh shares his guest experience with us:

"Guests have their orders in three minutes on their table. The customer satisfaction is very high, people order more in a shorter time and they actually love it, because we use humour, we give explanation of drinks in the app and they can order whenever they feel like it."

Apparently, Clockwork in Glasgow is also doing well. Manager Carol shares with us her guest experience:

"Even though we also work with normal menus, it's great how easy it is to update the digital menu in terms of stock when something ran out, for example. It saves a lot of walking movements for the staff and it's very clear communication towards your guests. You can't do that with a normal menu and guests are very happy about it."

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Zero cost built-in marketing

Efficient work and satisfied guests are a solid foundation for successful business. QR ordering goes a step further. It offers more than just the functionality to place orders, adjust menus and checkout. Up-selling, cross-selling and promoting products and brands suddenly becomes super easy. It offers banners, extra buttons, extra categories with the correct name, photos, videos, promotions and so on (read more about these benefits here).

Carol from Clockwork says: "It's not only for reducing queues, but they found out that guests take more time to order different items. They can easily check the menu with photos and side notes, which gives the staff more time for other things. Also in terms of affiliates, we are already working with a brand by making them extra visable in the app. Super easy marketing."

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Get in touch for your personal QR ordering 

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