Many of our customers see endless possibilities with Jamezz and want to get the most out of it. With Jamezz Enterprise we ensure that your organization gets a real collaboration partner who helps to fulfill your goals and ambitions.

Think of benefits such as a complete custom design, optimized upsell & cross sell options and much more..


Develop your own custom design like no one else has

Get the best out of your applications by letting us think along in your customer journey

Let Jamezz help with the corporate rollout of a mix of self-order technology

Let us think along with the best upsell & crossell options and maximize your turnover

Extend the stay of your guests through optimal use of the platform


Develop a fully comprehensive ecosystem between your website, webshop, our applications, the cash register and your social media.

Analyze dropshipping opportunities and additional income streams outside the standard sales process.

Optimize your business processes and receive feedback and evaluations from Jamezz.

Optimize your e-commerce platform and online experience.

Receive staff training on the combination of online and offline service.



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