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With Jamezz you choose a solution that is so extensive, simple, flexible and complete that it always fits within your company. Whether it concerns QR ordering, a webshop, order kiosk, tablets, guest registration, a drive through ... with Jamezz you can arrange it all.

Innovate your way

The hospitality industry is all about the people and the feeling that the guests get with you. You put your heart and soul into creating your business. You look ahead.

Suitable for your concept

You want to innovate and make things easier ... This just has to fit your concept, your way of working and your creative ideas. We understand this.

Jamezz ... Because a smiling manager makes happy guests.


With Jamezz QR ordering you get the most out of your company while being prepared for the future. Give your guests and yourself the convenience of Jamezz QR ordering!

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Are you considering having your meals delivered or to have them picked up? Then arrange your own Jamezz Webshop within 24 hours!

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With the Jamezz Tablet you give your guests that little bit of extra experience instead of the traditional menu.

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Would that actually be something for us? You often hear that it is more than worth the investment, but does that also apply to me? You know what, talk to our experienced experts and we will think along with you.

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The Jamezz Backoffice is the large portal behind all your applications that deserves its own place in the list. From here you can easily manage everything yourself.

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“You do your thing, leave the rest to us”

// Ramada

“The children enjoy climbing and meanwhile we fix your drink”

// Monkey Town

“Not in the mood for long lines during the break? Lucky you, order with your phone in advance, we will have it ready for you in a moment”

// Beatrix Theater

“Between bowling you can quickly tap the next round via the Jamezz Tablets”

// O'Learys

“More than 1.5 million visitors who can order with the app in the Netherlands most famous zoo”

// Blijdorp

“Enjoy the optimized guest experience with a touch of Jamezz”

// Hotels van Oranje

“With the Jamezz app you don't have to get up during the game”

// ADO Den Haag

“Sashimi, Maki, Nigiri and Gunkan, the water runs out of your mouth when you see the app or the kiosk”

// Sushito

“All aboard! And don’t forget your smartphones!”

// SS Rotterdam

“A round of Guinness for the lads all the way in the back at table 22!”

// Teuchters

“Whatever your destination, you will find it at Roompot”

// Roompot

“Max, there is no time attached to the drink."

// Anne & Max

“Fine dining in our beautiful restaurant or rather with your feet in the sand?”

// Zest Curaçao

“The country's most famous toucan is miles ahead throughout the country with its digital room service, web shops, QR apps and drive-thru”

// Van der valk

“Moeke just keeps up with the times. Order delicious meals at home or order from the terrace with your phone”

// Moeke & Meyer beheer

// The Netherlands

// Belgium

// Germany

// France

// Spain

// Switzerland

// Scotland

// Great Britain

// Aruba

// Curaçao

// Austria


O'learys Gent

At O'Learys Ghent, we had a lot of challenges when it came to service, efficiency and cost control for our 4000m² large company.

In our search for a tool - for our major challenges - we went very far and we met both national and international players. There was always one common thread in all the conversations we had: budget-unfriendly and above all… no tool was ready for our vision


Jamezz and the team do not stand still, there is continuous innovation, monthly new gadgets and functionalities appear. Jamezz is a young flexible company that is able to scale up enormously in no time.

Grand café de Lindenhof therefore recommends Jamezz. to every innovative hospitality company, 5 out of 5 stars!


When Apenheul was also confronted with Corona and all associated measures, Jamezz also proved to be a bull's eye from a safety point of view.

The look & feel of the webshop is easy to set up according to your own taste and corporate identity. The back office is clear and easy to use. For Apenheul Jamezz has proven to be a successful innovation that will certainly be further expanded in the coming years


Jamezz turned out to be the ideal partner. Within a week the system was live and it was completely set up according to our house style.

Not only is the system of added value for our guests, the back office also works very well. adapt to our wishes. A nice system to work with

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