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Reopening intelligently: 3 important pillars

As a hospitality entrepreneur, you want to open your doors as quickly as possible like no other. Doing what you do best, delighting guests and keeping your business running. Some cities are already experimenting with 'intelligent reopening'. A reopening - even when the corona figures rise to the ceiling - is always intelligent by using digitization. To reopen 'intelligently’, three pillars are important: revenue, customer retention and innovation. In this blog, you will read how to use digitization in such a way that you get off to a flying start right away.

generate turnover through qr ordering

As a hospitality entrepreneur, you have been hit hard by the corona pandemic. The reopening is a new start and you want to make the most of it. With the use of new software in the form of a QR application, generating turnover becomes a lot easier. The QR application offers a linked online ordering and payment system, eliminates time-consuming tasks for your staff and the order frequency and order sizes increase enormously. There is almost no 'waiting time’ for your guests, except between placing an order and serving it. By using a buzzer or SMS notification, you let your guests know when the order is ready. Apart from the fact that the speed benefits the number of orders, it is also corona-proof.



Attracting guest to your business

Reopening means new customers, and new customers may bring even more new customers. At least if you know how to bind guests to your business. Just because customers can do a lot themselves using the QR application does not mean there will be no more interaction. The QR application does not replace your staff but works alongside them. Through the QR application, you can on one hand, inform about opening hours and hygiene measures. On the other hand, it is super handy for fun promotions, upsell or cross-sell, and analyzing guest behavior. Everything is linked to one system and even to your social media. This gives the guest experience a boost, keeps your guests online informed, and easier to bind to your business. Are all these developments exciting? No worries! Jamezz will help you with this.

sustainable innovation

New hospitality trends move faster than you think. You do not want to be left behind, and you like to be advised personally to optimize your business. Also in the future. Do you find it exciting to reopen 'intelligently'? No worries! We always ask you the following questions: "Where are the challenges for you? What would you like to have in the future, and how can we help you? Together we look at the possibilities and determine the course of action.

Jamezz will always develop and never standstill. Continuous development is, therefore, part of our product and our service. We get our satisfaction from growth and being ahead of the curve. This ensures that you as a customer will always be ahead of us and easily develop along with us.

Let's reopen intelligently together! Please feel free to contact us for an introduction.

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