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These are the most important functions of QR code ordering


General functions, menus, integrations and the backoffice

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QR code ordering system




We believe in the future. Therefore we're always working on new features and updates for our QR code ordering system to support your business the best we can.

In this blog you can check out the most important and latest features for QR ordering. Get inspired by all the opportunities of this great innovative way of self-service and don't hesitate to contact our experts if you have any questions!


Let's start the overview with general functions of QR code ordering:


General functions

QR code ordering for all different types of hospitality 

Tablet ordering system in combination with QR ordering

• Full personal branding

• Full online payment integration

• Digital menus for different parts of the day

• Manageable backoffice from any device

• No application needed: scan the QR with any smarthphone



Intergrations and connections


• Jamezz integrates with almost every different POS system

• Full API upload and sync with your POS system

• Automatic sync with your POS system on hourly basis

• Email VAT receipt by Jamezz and sent by your provider

• Email fiscal receipt sent from POS

• SMS function to communicate the order is ready to pick up

• Buzzer function to communicate the order is ready to pick up


Link to QR code ordering system


Menu options


• Create different menus at different times and days

• Create different menus for different areas and tables

• Create 'non orderable categories' that only display items



QR code ordering backoffice


• Change all product names yourself

• Add images and descriptions

• Create meal deals or promotions for different times and days

• Use the upselling and cross-selling options for more revenue

• Options to pay after visit

• Add tip to payment for all the hard workers

• Create discount codes and vouchers for guests and partners

• Automatic mobile device language detection or choose your preferred language

• Translation to different languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Danish, Chinese and Japanese

• Create different areas with different settings such as bar, hotel and terrace

• Add allergen filters

• Create your own filters, such as pregnant, diet etc.

• Build custom fields in any form. For example your name, extra data, yes or no etc.

• Change table orders to room


Link to contact QR code ordering


Get in touch for your personal QR CODE ordering system


Well, that was quit a list. What fits your business best really depends on your unique concept. We believe that every client is worth a personal approach to get the most out of the self-order service. With our long time experience we're very happy to help you out. 

Looking for a free chat about the opportunities and solutions for your business? Sure! Just get in touch and we schedule a meeting. 

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