With the Jamezz Tablet application you provide your guests with an extra experience instead of the traditional menu. The Jamezz Tablet is widely used for all-you-can-eat concepts, but also as a supplement to QR ordering, so that really every guest can use your online environment. *


o Provide the tablets with beautiful covers for a luxurious experience
o Let the entire table order as a group from one device
o Use lap times, timers and push messaging
o Receive your guests in style

*All-you-can-eat application is also possible via the Jamezz ordering application via the guest's smartphone.



All functionalities of the ordering app also apply to the Jamezz tablet application

By using discount codes and vouchers you ensure that your guests will come back to you even more often!

Let your guests know via the app that your football is being broadcasted tonight or that there is something special to do.

Let guests create their own menus or sandwiches. We import everything straight from your till and let guests choose what they want.

Does anyone not have a drink with their order? How about a carafe of table water? Special beer? Perhaps a portion of nuts or bitterballen will go well with this ..

Smartphone App QR

Jamezz can be used completely free-standing. Via the online kitchen screen or a separate receipt printer you can see the orders coming in immediately.<

Use round counters, timers and minimal waiting times between orders to ensure a structured evening.

No unexpectedly high bills afterwards. Just a standard rate regardless of the number of orders.

In our development we also pay a lot of attention to personnel. Jamezz works perfectly together in addition to the ministry and helps those hard workers in an extra reward. On average up to 40% more!

By using the allergen filter you inform your guests well about the allergens present in your dishes.


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