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“How The Pear Tree grows immensely with QR ordering.”

The Pear Tree QR ordering

How The Pear Tree grows immensely with QR ordering

The Pear Tree is one of the famous beer gardens in Edinburgh. You’ll find here enough space for food or drinks and endless evenings. The Pear Tree is also known as the hotspot for watching sports, since they have a very large TV screen hanging in their garden. And obviously, since COVID-19 they had to work differently like everyone else, so they started to use a QR application, different than Jamezz.

Brian Dobie, manager of The Pear Tree says: “I liked the idea, but didn’t like the way the app worked. Therefore, I decided to switch to QR ordering from Jamezz on the advice of Lapsleys. Since then it’s been a great experience that has improved everything for me. QR ordering from Jamezz is definitely indispensable now for The Pear Tree.”

Guests experience increased enormously with our cash free business

The Pear Tree hasn't taken any cash payment for the past 1,5 years, because everything goes through Jamezz. Because of the application they are completely cash free.

Brian: “98% of the orders go through Jamezz now, but if you asked me 4 years ago, you shouldn't have started talking to me about it. To me, it seemed very impersonal and it would decrease the customer experience. But I must say, the opposite turned out to be true. The guest experience has increased enormously thanks to the clear QR ordering app and the way it works.”


The Pear Tree QR ordering


Super fast way QR ordering works

The Pear Tree has 53 tables outside that they to serve. They never had the intention to work with less staff, nor did they end up working with less staff. In fact, they now need their staff more than ever, because they need more runners due to the extremely fast processing of orders.

Brian: "Before, people could stand in line for up to 25 minutes to wait for their order. Now it is no more than 5 minutes. This means that the throughput has increased fivefold."


Jamezz QR ordering app


Continuously thinking ahead with Jamezz

Brian sees Jamezz as an organisation that continues to develop and sees in-app comments and suggestions where they could vastly improve. Jamezz will visit our location in September 2021 and we will sit with each other how we can get the most out of it.

Brian: “The next step for me is knowing as much as possible about upsell and cross sell. I’m open to make even more use of the functionalities and how to use Jamezz as an trustful, loyal employee, making appropriate suggestions and sales.”

Innovation continues

Brian sponsors many teams and groups from the university across the street. He would like to reward them with discounts when they come over for a drink. He will now do this through the app and want to includes partnerships more and more to get he best out the application. The opportunities are endless and we are ready to move forward together.

Together with Jamezz and Lapsleys, The Pear Tree will always be on top of innovation.

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