self ordering KIOSK


Self ordering kiosk changes your business in a very positive way. Guests don't have to wait in a long line anymore and they can follow their order on the main kitchen screen. Also, guests pay immediately, so your staff can fully focus on making the orders. 

Of course every self ordering kiosk has a very personal touch. We create your own design and will fit your business completely. 


What are the benefits of self ordering kiosks? Besides happy customers, there are many more! Here are the general aspects. We are happy to tell you more in a personal chat!  

• An order kiosk leads to an average of 25% more turnover
• Clearly increase the average expenditure per guest
• Ensure a more efficient use of personnel
• Get an eye catcher in your business 
• Reduce monthly costs
• Avoid long cluttered crowds in front of the counter
• Generate extra income via upsell and cross sell

self ordering KIOSK


Everything can be adjusted to suit your style. Edit images, screensavers, layouts, gifs, texts and colors, so that it fits your company!

Jamezz can be used completely free-standing. Via the online kitchen screen or a separate receipt printer you can see the orders coming in immediately.

With a single press of a button you let your guests know that the order is ready.

See all orders come in immediately online, even from your phone you can be constantly informed of the orders!

No unexpectedly high bills afterwards. Just a standard rate regardless of the number of orders.


Does anyone not have a drink with their order? How about a carafe of table water? Special beer? Perhaps a portion of nuts or bitterballen will go well with this ...

Let the guests pay however you want. This is normally possible with the staff, directly online with every order, but also online afterwards in one go for the entire table.

By using the allergen filter you inform your guests well about the allergens present in your dishes.

Choose different languages ​​on the Jamezz kiosk.

Jamezz helps you to keep an eye on the young guests in terms of alcohol consumption. They will first have to confirm that they can actually order alcohol by means of an age check.



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