Are you considering delivering your meals or having them picked up? Are you really not waiting for a large part of your income to be spent on an expensive delivery platform? Do you want to be online quickly, but it also needs to be reliable, personal and complete?


Via Jamezz you can easily manage your own personalized webshop that we have online with you within a day!


Our webshop is equipped with all possible functionalities you need. It can be managed completely yourself and works both independently and fully linked to your cash register. Connect the webshop to your website, or refer your guests directly to your own online environment via social media. Our pickup & delivery webshop completely suits your company and can also be visited and managed from any device.

Try our demo and get in touch

Curious how the delivery & pick-up webshop works? Check out our 
demo below or go directly to the demo environment and get acquainted with our reliable product. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please feel free to contact our experts. We like to think in solutions for our clients.



Everything can be adjusted to suit your style. Edit images, layouts, gifs, texts and colors to make it fit your business!

It really doesn't have to take long before your first dish is out the door via your own Jamezz Webshop. After some simple setup work and a short training from us, you are ready to go!

An order is sent directly to the checkout and distributed over the various kitchen screens. Just as you are used to. Orders can be settled immediately or later. Just where the preference is.

No cash register? No problem! Then you just use the free Jamezz kitchen screen , use a separate receipt printer, or work via e-mail!

We understand that you do not jump on a moped for a single can of Coke. That is why it is possible to use minimum amounts or charge delivery costs based on the distance.


For all countries it is possible to indicate how far you want to deliver. We can also easily enter exceptions for you.

Are you planning a special Christmas menu or do you want to sell tickets for a specific event? Via the pre-ordering functions you can offer these items separately with adjusted order days.

Of course you don't want half the city to expect their order at 6am. That is why we ensure that the choices of delivery and collection times are neatly spread out over the day.

Of course you need a little longer for a lasagna than for 2 fries and a cola. That is why you can even set the preparation time per dish, which will determine the waiting time.

Reward your loyal buyers with a discount on their next order, they will certainly appreciate that!




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