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Need some help with obtaining some more information about Jamezz and what we offer? Check out our sections below to find the answers to commonly asked questions.

If you still can’t find an answer to your inquiry, please give our Customer Service team a call at +31 85 301 3000 or drop us an email at info@jamezz.com. You can also complete the form at the bottom of this page, and our Customer Service team will be in touch. We would love to hear about your inquiries!



Jamezz offers QR ordering, Tablets ordering, Kiosks for takeaway, and Webshops for pickup and delivery.

We provide an all-round ecosystem consisting of distance and in-house ordering and various payment methods to choose from. Our platform offers pickup, delivery, table, takeaway, affiliate dropshipping, drive-through, and upselling. Our customer relationship building focuses on loyalty, social media connection, user behavior analysis, online campaigns integrated, and website integrated.

Not to forget, we will help you to digitally extend your business by allowing you full customization, your house style, and full flexibility. Your way of work is leading, and there are many functionalities to choose from. We are forever building and won’t stop here. Let’s help each other and grow together!

Jamezz can help to get your guests the best order experience because you don’t have to wait to place your order – the ordering process is instant.

Jamezz also gives you good insights into your customer data. We also optimize your sales, and you’ll work efficiently. 

Jamezz is fully flexible and can adapt to any hospitality business because of its wide range of functionalities. 

It is certainly possible to connect your Google Analytics account to Jamezz. You can also implement a Facebook pixel.

You can generate as many as you’d like on your own or download them from our Backoffice. 

Yes, you can connect your Social Media account and redirect your guests to any page you’d like after the order.  

With Jamezz, you have the possibility to choose between an annual or monthly subscription. You can start with a monthly subscription before acquiring an annual subscription.  


Give us a call for any questions or concerns at +31 85 301 3000, drop us an email at info@jamezz.nl, or fill in our contact form

We provide onboarding training to ensure that you will be equipped with information that can help you learn about Jamezz in no time.

Somewhere between one day or one week.

Yes, you can give us a call at +31 85 301 3000, drop us an email at info or fill in our contact form at contact. We will then provide you an online demonstration.

Yes, we can link your webshop within no time to your website.

Jamezz is entirely web-based. You can manage it from any device.

No, they only have to scan the QR code or go to the weblink.

Yes, a complete custom design is most definitely possible! We can arrange a call session to discuss your wishes, and after that, we can make a custom quotation.

Yes, you can because of our stand-alone solution.

You can add as many accounts to Jamezz if you’d like.

Yes, you can add as many staff members to Jamezz as you’d like with specific rights.

Yes, you can do this by becoming a Jamezz partner. Please contact us at +31 85 301 3000 via email at info, or fill in our contact form contact to see if we are a match.


You can use almost any credit card or debit card for online payments and pin transactions with Jamezz. In any country in the world!

Please reach out to Jamezz customer support for our pricing. You can contact us via phone at +31 85 301 3000, drop us an email at info or fill in our contact form at contact

You can also stack up a bill and pay at the end either online or in the traditional way with the staff.

Please, view our webpage integrations to find out more information about our integrations.

Yes! Jamezz can send orders to as many printers as you’d like, both for stand-alone and POS integrated.


You can choose between an annual or monthly subscription plan. If you choose an annual subscription plan, discounts will be included.

After the contract period.


Yes, we have a whole dashboard with all the information about your company's data and statistics.

We are extremely cautious with customer data and only use it according to our privacy statement privacy statement


If there are any complaints, please give us a call at +31 85 301 3000, email us at info or fill in our contact form at contact. We would love to help you out!

No problem - There is a password reset link in the back office.

No, they do not have to. You can set it up the way you prefer or make combinations of multiple methods.


We can send out notifications that orders are ready to be picked-up to control movements. We can control how crowded it becomes in situations. We can also limit social interactions.

Yes, we do have guest registration. We can ask specific inquiries to help against the spread of Covid-19.

We offer to spread out orders, limiting the number of orders placed (for example, one order every five minutes). We also have hassle-free Covid-19 Guest Registration in place, which helps register and keep track of guests who stay at your business.

Guest notifications for pickup are also in place, which immediately notify a guest when their order is for pickup.

You can easily switch it from webshops to delivery.

Jamezz can be used with or without the crisis.

Yes, we will fix that for you within the blink of an eye. Please give us a call at +31 85 301 3000, email us at info or fill in our contact form


In any industry where drinks and food are sold. For example, all-you-can-eat restaurants, cafes, hotels, theme parks, theaters, drive-throughs, stadiums, cruise ships, and more.

Automatic, you have the latest version, and we develop new features and stability updates every day. Get updated through our newsletter.

No, we provide the best guest experience. Read our blogs for more information

Yes, that is totally possible! Jamezz can work alongside standards operation.

Yes, handhelds can be used with us.


24/7 by mail and by phone during business hours (link to contact page) We are open from 09:00 until 17:30 Central European Time (CET). If you have an emergency, we are available to help you 24 hours.

You can find us in 14 different countries, and we are spreading as we speak. Feel free to check out our website to find more information.

Please reach out to our Customer Support team by calling +31 85 301 3000, email info@jamezz.nl or fill in our contact form



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